Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stand Aside for the Thief of Void

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As a player of SBurb I bring to the table firearms knowledge and training with basic bladed weapons. I have also had scholastic training in Differential Calculus, English techniques, and the sciences: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I’m also an Intermediate Level Parkourist.
Basically, I’ve got the skills and the drive to be the best and my title sets me up to be the best combat oriented class in our session.

As a Thief of Void I’d be tasked with keeping the enemies plans noticeable. I’d prevent the enemy from hiding secrets and knowledge with the Void. I’d then turn that Void right around at use it to forward my own goals in the shadows of the session. Not to mention my ability to attain any item I need just by swiping it from the Void itself.

I’ve got the know how, skills, and ability to set up complex plans without hostile intrusion and that makes me essential to an SBurb session.